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  • Drawings of the 19th Century – Detailed Studies on Landscape and Nature

  • The principle change in the depiction of landscapes around the beginning of the 19th century, which can be described as a gradual dropping of traditional principles of composition in favor of a manner of depiction more closely bound to reality, can also be seen in the detailed studies of that period preserved in the Grafische Sammlung of the Museum Folkwang. For example, Adrian Zingg’s sanguine ›Trees‹ from 1780 gives less the impression of reproducing a real, observed situation and more of following a type of depiction groups of trees as often used as elements in the foreground of classically constructed landscape compositions. Such models, which could then be introduced into a larger depiction, can also be found in Zingg’s collection of models ›Basic Principles for Landscape Drawers‹ from 1808. Contrasting with this, studies from the early 19th century in the Museum Folkwang are distinguished by a greater use of observed reality. Both small, close up motifs as well as those at a distance could serve for study drawings, as can be seen in the ›Plant Studies‹ and the sketch ›Pine Trees‹ by Caspar David Friedrich.
    In the enormous œuvre, with many thousands of sheets, of the artist Franz Kobell, who lived in Munich, studies form a large majority. The sheets of Kobell held by the Museum Folkwang are distinguished by their use of a new principle of composition – the section. This is clear in the pen and ink drawings ›Flank of a Hill‹ and ›House Behind Trees‹ whose motifs are shown close up but sharply sectioned at the same time, with the sectional nature of the composition especially accented. Ludwig Richter, on the other hand, chose a clearly much less strongly contoured section for his study ›Old Willows‹ made around the same time.
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Haus hinter Bäumen
Alte Weiden
Pflanzen- und Blumenstudien
  • Adrian Ludwig Richter
  • Pflanzen- und Blumenstudien, ca. 1835

  • Studies of Plants and Flowers
  • Verso of a sketch for the lithograph ›Schlacht bei Mühlberg‹ in the second volume of the ›Historischen Bildersaal der sächsischen Geschichte für alle Tage im Jahr‹ by A. Textor from 1835 (HB 3281)
  • Inv. C 478
Bewachsener Hügel
Eichen im Schwanheimer Wald
Eiche im Schwanheimer Wald
Bei Schliersee
Felsblöcke am Wasser
Landschaft unter hohem Wolkenhimmel