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  • Taking the train through Europe – Poster on luxurious travel around 1900

  • The development of posters for luxury travel around 1900 is presented in three parts:

    In the first part, the transition from timetable to illustrated poster is dealt with, showing the developments in posters for luxury travel between 1880 and 1914, how their design changed and how they remained relatively unaffected by general developments in posters.

    The second part – as excursion – goes into the further development of luxury trains and their advertising in the 1920s. Theme and focus of train advertising changed. The focus was no longer only on the luxury of travel. Much more emphasis was placed on technical achievements, the power of the large engines – here in the locomotive as expression of trust in new technology and its effects. Acceleration and speed were sold as a part of travelling worth experiencing for itself.

    The third part deals with travel destinations – regions, places and hotels in Europe and, in part, beyond who sought to met the demands of the luxury traveller. Hotels in unique surroundings, the best service, golf, tennis, horse riding, horse-drawn coach trips, and all this in spectacular landscapes, all this aimed at attracting wealthy travellers.
  • Exh_Title_S: Taking the train through Europe – Poster on luxurious travel around 1900
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