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  • Stefana McClure: ›The Blue Planet‹, 2008

  • Stefana McClure’s sequence of eight drawings were inspired by the two-line subtitles of the 2001 BBC documentary ›The Blue Planet‹, an eight-part series exploring the world’s oceans and their importance for the Earth. All the subtitles relating to each episode are summarized in a drawing: on top of a sheet of carbon paper whose carbon side was uppermost during the creative phase, the artist placed another sheet of paper onto which she wrote the entire text of the subtitles by hand – always at exactly the position on the two-line template where the text would be faded in during the programme. This caused the blue particles of ink to rub off from the carbon paper, which was almost entirely the case whenever a particularly large number of letters were written down, in other words in the middle of the lines of text. Here there was almost nothing left of the blue pigment and the whiteness of the paper became visible. By contrast, on the left and right-hand edges individual letters could be made out.
    Accordingly, each drawing contains an enormous density of information, without the viewer being able to access the relevant information. The series can be seen as a metaphor for our media society flooded by a wave of overlapping information in such a way that the individual items cancel one another out and can no longer serve as an aid to making the right kinds of decisions – even in the case of matters of global proportions.
  • Exh_Title_S: Stefana McClure: ›The Blue Planet‹, 2008
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The Blue Planet 1 - Introduction
The Blue Planet 2 - The Deep
The Blue Planet 3 - Open Seas
The Blue Planet 4 - Frozen Seas
The Blue Planet 5 - Seasonal Seas
The Blue Planet 6 - Coastal Seas
The Blue Planet 7 - Tidal Seas
The Blue Planet 8 - Coasts