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  • Cairo Photo Studio

  • Ever since the beginning of photographic history, images of architectural monuments and artworks have been given a special significance. After the first photographs were taken on expeditions, as of the mid-19th century photo studios started popping up in such cities as Cairo and Luxor to satisfy the demand from European tourists for exotic souvenir photos. The photographers’ primary motifs are the Ancient Egyptian monuments and Oriental scenes.
  • Exh_Title_S: Cairo Photo Studio
  • Exh_Id: 1,625
  • Exh_Comment_S (Verantw): Department of Photography
  • Exh_SpareNField01_N (Verantw ID): 184
Les prisonniers de Ramses, Medinet Habu
Untitled (Temple in Edfu)
Untitled (Temple Isis, Philae. Kiosk des Nektanebos I.)
Gizeh, Aufstieg auf die Cheops Pyramide
Junge arabische Frau
Wooden Figure of Ka-Aper
Baybars Moschee, Kairo (Emir Qurqumas Complex, Nördlicher Friedhof)