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  • Germaine Krull – Buddhist Sculpture in Thailand and Cambodia

  • After working as a photojournalist, Germaine Krull (1897 Wilda, nr. Poznan – 1985 Wetzlar) managed the ›Oriental‹ hotel in Bangkok from 1946 to 1966. She published two books on Thailand, in 1964 ›Bankok. Siam’s City of Angels‹ (Robert Hale, London) and in 1966 ›Tales from Siam‹ (Robert Hale, London), in which together with Dorothea Melchers she wrote of her life there. In this period she produced over 2,000 photographs of Buddha statues in Thailand and Cambodia. Krull developed a friendship with the abbot of the Chiang Mai monastery and a deep connection to Buddhism. She later converted to Buddhism in India.

    Krull’s group of works was not the product of a scientific project, but attests to a personal interest and at the same time deep respect of the national culture. The statues she photographed are shown in use in their original context. Even the sculptures in temple ruins sometimes show by means of a sash that they are still revered as sacred. Krull was particularly fascinated by how the stone artefacts fused with nature by means of rampant lichens and climbing plants.
  • Exh_Title_S: Germaine Krull – Buddhist Sculpture in Thailand and Cambodia
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o. T. (Thailand, Mönch in Phitsanulok)
o. T. (Thailand, Mönch in Phitsanulok)
Siam Nord Kampangpet, Wat Pra Kew
Makan Sri Ahamaraf (Thailand)
Siam Nord. Statue de Budah dans la fôret (XIIe) à Chiengsen (Thailand)
Wat Phra Lai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Preah Palalay
Le Bayon XII, Angkor Thom
Le Bayon XII, Angkor Thom