Museum Folkwang
  • East Asian ceramics

  • There are many reasons why objects from non-Europeans cultures found their way into European museums. Karl Ernst Osthaus collected commodities and material samples on the basis of the concept used by arts and crafts museums: they were to serve as inspiration for designers.

    The selection of ceramics for Museum Folkwang was also influenced by contemporary arts & crafts movements. On the one hand there are groups with floral patterns, such as those Gallé used as templates. On the other there are vases with abstract surface designs, informed solely by the materiality of the glazes – a concept that came to distinguish »modern« design in the 1920s. These simple ceramics designed with the deliberate use of chance first enjoyed high regard and were collected as artworks in China during the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279).
  • Exh_Title_S: East Asian ceramics
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  • Exh_Comment_S (Verantw): Archaeology, Global Art, Applied Arts
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Vase in meiping-Form
Flaschenvase, sog. Kohiki
Großer Teller
Schale mit Einfassung