Museum Folkwang
  • Anselm Kiefer
  • Bilderstreit, 1977

  • Iconoclasm
  • Oil on canvas
  • 209 x 307 cm
  • Acquired in 1982 with the support of the Folkwang-Museumsverein
  • Inv. G 461
  • CommentaryKiefer dealt with the topic of ›iconographic controversy‹ in a major group of paintings and photographs. There is an eponymous variant of the Essen painting in which Kiefer painted the title of the painting across the painted canvas (Museum Boymans-van-Beuningen, Rotterdam). Another version shows the names of the most important protagonists of the Byzantine iconographic controversy.
    In the work, Kiefer refers directly to the Byzantine iconographic controversy of the 8th and 9th centuries, without delving any deeper into the decade long struggle between the icon supporters and opponents.
    In having tanks appear, Kiefer places the historical iconographic controversy in the recent German past. With intense, dark paints and a gesticulative and expressive stroke, the painting recalls the violence that many artists suffered under National Socialism.
    Kiefer’s work forms a cumulative point in German painting of the 1980s in which the German fascist past is explicitly dealt with and the painting itself becomes a ›battlefield‹.
  • Provenance1982, Anselm Kiefer
  • Obj_Id: 3,341
  • Obj_Internet_S: ja
  • Obj_Ownership_S (Verantw):Painting, Sculpture, Media Art
  • Obj_SpareNField01_N (Verantw): 187
  • Obj_Creditline_S: Gemäldesammlung
  • Obj_Title1_S: Bilderstreit
  • Obj_Title2_S: Iconoclasm
  • Obj_PartDescription_S (Titelerg):
  • Obj_SpareMField01_M (Alle Titel): Bilderstreit Iconoclasm Bilderstreit
  • Obj_Dating_S: 1977
  • Jahr von: 1,977
  • Jahr bis: 1,977
  • Obj_IdentNr_S: G 461
  • Obj_IdentNrSort_S: G 0461
  • Obj_Classification_S (Objtyp): Painting
  • Obj_Crate_S: 209 x 307 cm
  • Obj_Material_S: Oil on canvas
  • Obj_Technique_S:
  • Obj_SpareSField01_S (Mat./Tech.): Oil on canvas
  • Obj_AccNote_S (Erwerb): Acquired in 1982 with the support of the Folkwang-Museumsverein
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  • Obj_Rights_S: © Anselm Kiefer

1982, Anselm Kiefer